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Free Spinning Wheel Plans
I finally found free plans.
Never having been around a spinning wheel I have some questions that the plans aren't exactly clear on.

Are the flyer bearing and flyer whorl nut screwed onto the flyer axle? It's clear that the nut and bearing are threaded but not the axle, so it could be a friction thing or screwed together (I think it's screwed but the taper that goes into the nut really throws me off).
It also calls for left hand thread on those, does it have to be that way since you can twist either way?
What's the reason for the 2 different hook shapes?

Should I modify the flyer whorl to have a second larger track or make separate ones of different sizes? How much of a size difference is enough and too much?

What is the Wool Bar for? (The long pillar.) I don't think it's attached.

If you see any modifications that would be better please mention them (I already know the holes, pegs and threads are going to be changed to standard sizes rather than metric).
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