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sore finger cure
I get stiff sore fingers from crocheting. I searched for hooks with ergonomic handles, which were expensive, so I made my own in about five minutes. I found my baby's tiny blue nasal aspirator,
oiled (canola) the non-hook end of my G-hook (4.25mm), and slid it all the way into the aspirator. I wrapped some 2 and a half inch ace bandage around the tip of the nozzel of the aspirator where the hook sticks out and secured it with double backed peel-n-stick fabric fuse tape. It is like the "Eleggant" hook in form, and is soft in the palm and fingers. It works great for now! I can crochet puff stitch round after round without having to stop to shake and massage my fingers into submission. I will probably buy the Ellegant system at some point because of it's interchangeable hooks. Thanks to them for the design, and to necessity for my emergency version.

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