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The 'wool bar' is a distaff. It is not needed.

These are plans for a single drive wheel, except it does not have the brake band for the bobbin whorl (actually a pulley). It would behoove you to make the diameter of the bobbin whorl different than the flyer whorl for either a single drive (SD) or a double drive (DD). If your flyer whorl has 2 diameters, you'll even be better off.

Castle (upright) wheels as just as functional as saxony wheels. Take a look at the Ashford Traveller wheels (both SD & DD)

The 'wool carrier' is just a piece for the distaff. Neither is needed.

The table may or may not have a place to keep extra bobbins. The lazy kate is a separate piece all together. I generally keep my extra bobbins on my kate and not on my wheel, since it is easier to ply from my kate when it is behind my working hand.

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