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Thank you both for replying so soon. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, I've been busy helping take care of my 2 yr old nephew and have been too tired to do much else.

@SuzeeQ - I'm not too good with learning by just words and images, but I think I got it figured out between the 2 beginner booklets I got and using Youtube. Thank you for offering to help, though.

@DogCatMom - I would have loved to have somebody to teach me but nobody I know does any of it. As I told Suzee, I'm no good with just books, so the library doesn't really work. As for classes, I'm currently working on anxiety and prefer working at my own pace (I'm also moody like a young child when I get frustrated) so that's a no go.

The reason I wanted to start working on toys with crochet is because the only thing I ever made with knitting is scarves and only very basic ones at that. Crochet seemed an easier way of working in rounds.

I actually finished one of the toys I've been working on if you'd like to see it and give your opinion.

Sorry if this seems all over the place and/or redundant. It's been a busy day.
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