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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
For the rest of the straights I would knit a "scarf" 6 to 8 inches wide in stockinette. I would then slide the needles through the scarf for hanging on the wall. Depending on the number of needles they could be by color, manufacture etc. If you have to many to hang the scarf could also be used to roll the needles up for storage.
Forget being a means of storage. Why didn't I think of this as a decoration?! I think wall hangings made of scarf patterns would be fantastic and it would be good for all those patterns that only really look good on one side! Is there a way to secure it but make it still look like it's in the process of being knitted? In other words, not bind it off, but still prevent it from falling apart if it got loose from the needle? Then you could just put hooks in the wall and place the needle with the knitting still attached on the hooks. It would be like a tapestry.
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