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I actually prefer to work with circular can knit all the rounds. Not a huge fan of purling, but the more projects I do the more I get used to it. Some patterns can easily be converted from circular to straight knit, especially if it's just knits and purls.
basically to do the conversion:
for circular needles knitted in the round, if the pattern is
row 1 knit
row 2 knit
row 3 knit
row 4 knit

on straight needles you would exchange every OTHER row from knit to purl ( a purl is just the back side of a knit)
row 1 knit (RS)
row 2 purl
row 3 knit
row 4 purl.

another example:
circular needle pattern
row 1 k p k p
row 2 k p k p
row 3 k p k p
row 3 k p k p

row 1 k p k p (RS)
row 2 p k p k
row 3 k p k p
row 4 p k p k
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