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Originally Posted by wholycow View Post
Seems like when I come here, I always have a favor to ask...Please accept my thank you's in advance.
I have been looking for a simple,but not boring all knit/or all knit and purl scarf. It seems what I'm finding is super boring,or lots and lots of yo's,and knit behind the whatevers that I can possible do even if I want to...(well maybe then)but not on a trip. What I am looking for is maybe a pattern repeat every other row,with a few k rows all know what I'm talking about..something I can memorize. I've been looing for two day,and I'm tired...whew! so if you have something to offer beyond 'feather and fan'...gosh I'd love to hear about it. Your all the best! take care....wholycow
I don't know that it has a name. i got it from Annie's Attic and it was called scarf A (it was a flyer with 6 different scarfs on it.) This has 9 rows to the pattern repeat (but the pattern is realy only 2 rows)
Odd rows (1,3,5,7,9) K1 P1
Even rows (2,4,6,8) K
Because it repeats an odd number of rows the pattern switches sides.
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