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I use the case that comes with my various sets of interchangeable needle sets. But for all other needles, della Q has a great variety of circular and straight needle cases. Lightweight, and not too expensive. I like their stuff. I bought The Que Theo SECURE Circular Needle Case in red for my Signature (circular) needle set. Click here. I ordered it and received it within days. Good service.

And Namaste has a great design for circulars, too. I have 3 of them full of Addi circs. WEBS carries them, and they're not too expensive either. Click here. I bought red, peacock and eggplant.

I purchased the Namaste (needle) Binder last year, and I love it to pieces. However, it's getting hard to find. I don't think Namaste is manufacturing them anymore, so you have to search the online shops for them. I bought red! My favorite piece, so far.

I treasure my knitting needles so much. I like to protect them, and organize them, to the best of my ability and budget. Yeah, what's a budget, you ask? Well, giving up Starbucks while on-the-go frees up a lot of cash! And when forced to buy coffee on-the-go, the purchase of the Drip Coffee of the Day saves a lot! There is always something that can be cut from your life that might free up cash for your knitting accessories!
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