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OK After everyone's suggestions, I got an over the door shoe bag that would hold 12 pairs of shoes, making 24 pockets. While the needles do lean out a bit it definitly better than the giant boxes.

I sorted the straights into the pockets by size. I then put the stitch Holders in the bottom left pocket, the sissors and stitch markers in the next bottom bocket, and the needle sizer and other miscelanious tools (I admit I do not know what all of them are) in the last 2 pockets. I put all my individule circulars in the remaining pockets, but I do not like that, since they are still tangled and not sorted by size or length. I will have to get a real case for these next time I get a paycheck.

I have the interchangable circular kits in the top drawer of my file cabinet where my patterns are.

I now need to decide which needles I want to keep. But that will be a project for another day as I am recovering for Major surgery and not up to the challenge right now. At least now I can find what I want fairly easily!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and ideas to tackle my orginization problem. I appreciate it!

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