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Complete beginner in tears of frustration.
Okay, I am a COMPLETE beginner. I only learned how to cast on last night. Picked my needles back up this morning to begin learning the knit stitch, and have been greeted with two hours of failure, confusion, and frustration. I am hoping one of you wonderful people might be able to figure out what it is I am doing wrong.

I am attempting to learn to Continental knit due to being ambidextrous, and an avid crocheter, it feels more natural to hold my yarn in my left hand as I do for crocheting. I am using the Double Cast On (Long Tail Cast On?) that I learned from the video on this site. Once I have completed my cast on (which I've had to redo repeatedly this morning because of the problems with my knit stitch) I begin doing the knit stitch as shown in the video here on Continental Knit Stitch. This is where the problem begins. Once I move the stitch off the left hand needle and onto the right, I find that I don't have a stitch, I find that I have yarn with two twists in it and wrapped around my needle. Knowing from crocheting that often if you keep going things will work themselves out. So I continue for a few more stitches, and still no stitch appears. I'm going in through the front, sliding my needle to the back, "hooking" the yarn on the tip of my needle, bringing it back to the front, and then taking the loop I went into off of the hook. Does anyone have any experience with issues such as this? Can any of you help me figure out what it is I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in Advance for any assistance, and thank you for your patience with my rant/vent of frustration.

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