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I think the problem is that in crochet you're doing a push and pull motion to scoop up the yarn with the hook. This is what you're used to. In knitting you have that push pull motion but you will also rotate the needle a bit to scoop up the yarn. This is probably why you're coming up empty with no stitch. If draping the yarn over your index finger is clumsy, you might want to try draping it around your middle finger instead. I learned how to knit when I was a child from a babysitter. Her grandmother who was German taught her this way. I never knew until just recently that technically this is "wrong" when it comes to Continental knitting. It just comes naturally to me because I've always done it this way. Draping it over the middle finger may be easier. Check out knitting videos on Youtube. Sometimes you can't understand instruction videos from one teacher but it clicks with another.
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