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One of the biggest helps I've found in other needle arts is to buy a good stitch dictionary which is available at most book stores. The one I personally recommend, "Super Stitches Crochet: Essential Techniques Plus a Dictionary of More than 180 Stitch Patterns", made all the difference in my crocheting. My mother started teaching me to crochet when I was only 6, but for YEARS my squares weren't square and had more issues than you can even imagine. I could read the patterns and understand the abbreviations, but I couldn't visualize what it was telling me to do. This stitch dictionary actually has a chart with symbols showing me where everything goes for a specific pattern, so it makes it make SO much more sense. The BEST part is that they also make one for knitting that's done the same way, and if memory serves me, the name is identical except that it says Knitting. Either way, it looks identical on the cover except for the Knit distinction in title. (I've not bought it yet, though I've been drooling over it extensively.)

Like you, I'm a complete beginner, and this book and the videos I've found online are all I'm using to teach me to knit. Those paired with time, patience, and inexpensive yarn to practice with means that if I'm lucky I'm only four years from my goal of knitting a wedding ring shawl.

I hope this helps.

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