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Originally Posted by TreshaRuthe View Post
Okay, I'm not in tears of frustration this time, but right now I'm seeing things about as clearly as looking through a blindfold. Okay, I've frogged this 8 stitch wide bookmark at least a dozen times because something's fishy in Denmark. I'm Double casting on 8 stitches, but then when I go back to knit stitch the first row, my first cast on has two vertical threads. Do I treat both of those as one cast on since they were both put on in the same cast on, or do I treat them as two separate stitches?
No. Your first stitch should not have two legs. It should only have one. You are most likely pulling the yarn up from the side of the needle closest to you. You want the yarn to come from the needle, down between you and the needle, and then up the side of the needle away from you and to your finger. God it's so hard to explain this in print without showing someone. If you are pulling the yarn straight up from the needle to your finger without going around the bottom and up the back you are pulling that stitch so that its legs are showing.

THis is an extremely common beginner mistake and you'll end up with an extra stitch if you do it the way you are doing.
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