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Originally Posted by Beepr View Post
I don't know how to post pictures here. Help, please! Bea
There is a discussion HERE in the forum, where Jan tells how to post photos.

I use Flickr for all my online photo sharing. Love it! It's only $25 a year, and I can use it for blogging, forum stuff, emails, etc.

If you decide to use Flickr like me, you will be able to share your photos this way:

Pull up the photo main page, then look just above the photo. You'll see a little envelope, and two orange B's. Then you'll see a little down arrow to the right of the orange B's. Click the down arrow, and you'll see "Grab the HTML/BBCode". Look at the bottom of that message, and you'll see two little buttons to select either HTML or BBCode. Click the BBCode button. Next, right click in the box with all the code. It will automatically be selected. Then click "Copy" in the little message that pops up.

Then, come here to the forum, start your message, then right click, then click "Paste" to paste the code for the photo. It will appear in your post after you submit the reply. It will also provide a link back to your photo in Flickr.

It's complicated the first time you do it, but it gets easier after doing it a few times.
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