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I detest double points. I might have a few pair gathering dust in a storage locker. For me, it's circulars and magic loop every time. I don't have needles falling out onto the floor and don't have to be an octopus to handle all those needles.

One way to reduce the ladders is when you first join in the round. Knit the first stitch with both the yarn coming from the skein and the tail of the cast on. Drop the tail after the first stitch and continue the first round as usual. On the second round, knit the skein and tail strands on that first stitch together and pull the tail end tight. This will pull it together and eliminate that first jog. It will also help to make less of a ladder for that first join.

Another thing I do is to slide the first stitch on the next needle as close to the tip as I can without it falling off. I knit that first stitch and pull the yarn as tightly as I can. Keep the yarn stretched tightly as you knit your first and second stitches, then you can relax for the rest of the row on that needle. Repeat for each needle. This helps make that ladder either disappear or be less noticeable.
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