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These behaviors are to get your attention. Pets are sensitive to things like humans yelling at each other, maybe a move to a new house, a new baby. Has the hubby got a new job where his shift is different or he's coming home at different times. They're used to being fed at a certain time.

It can be a change in food or maybe a cat litter that they don't like. My cats don't poop on the floor, but my girl bangs the kitchen cabinet door and walks around the house howling if her box needs changing. Think about if there's been any changes lately like changing pet food brands. There are some foods that they just don't like and some brands that are bad for them. Science Diet is one of the suspect ones reported to cause sick pets and elimination problems, despite what the vets tell you.

Animals are strange. They've got a set routine and they don't like anything that changes it.
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