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I recently came across the Knook as an advert on Facebook or something. I can't recall, it was just last week though. I posted in the General Knitting section asking if anyone used it, just because I was curious about it. I never come to the crochet forum b/c I can't crochet...correction until yesterday, I couldn't crochet! I never learned to crochet b/c I associated it with the itchy afghans and abundance of doilies my grandmother used to make. Well, I started knitting about a year ago and became enlightened. Her crocheting had nothing to do with the itchiness, it was the cheap acrylic yarn she was using!! Ding ding. I felt quite dumb realizing this but hey, I was a kid. Anyway, I decided to learn crochet, and I am now a beginner! I agree with other comments that neither is superior but we are on the internet. It's hard to justify being offended while on the internet. It's a matter of personal preference and ability. I think the Knook would be great for people with some disabilities, and also for someone that really wants to incorporate a little knitting and a little crocheting together. I do agree with the original poster, I thought it was a money gimmick at first too. There are so many especially in the arts/crafts arena. Anyway, I just wanted to say I was ignorant to crochet before, and now I am really enjoying learning it. i intend to mainly crochet amigurumi. I prefer how it looks over knitted.
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