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Originally Posted by CaitieBug View Post
That bag looks really good! I'm trying to figure out how to do pockets. You have to knit it first, then sew it on, right?
You could do it that way.
This is how I did it.
I worked the bag from the bottom up in the round.
When I got to the place where I wanted the pocket bottom to start I placed a safety pin at the center of the row.
I decided how many stitches were needed for the width, divide that number in half.
Use 30 for example: work up to 15 sts before row center, work the next 30 stitches in front and back.
When you get back around to the beginning slowly separate the front stitches from the back stitches by knitting all of the original stitches and placing the extra sts (ones worked in the back) onto an extra needle or safety yarn and hold in the front of work (hold in the back if you want the pocket on the inside.
Leave the extra sts until you have finished the bag then comeback and work on these sts until you reach the desired height of the pocket.
Then hand sew the sides in place.

Hope this helps you.
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