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What I would do is find where the decreases are falling, and continue on doing a row where you decrease in the same places as you have been, and then a regular stockinette row.
Continue doing this until you are back to the original cast on number of stitches (72), which if my math is right (which it rarely is) you need to decrease 16 more stitches. That will be four more decrease rows if you're decreasing four stiches each time which sounds about right.
Then continue in stockinette until you are an inch or two from the end of the toes. I'd look at a few sock patterns and pick a toe you like and just modify it for the number of stitches you have. It'll be another bout of regular decreases and then, perhaps, a kitchener graft.
This is the first sock pattern I ever tried, it might help you get a handle on where you are, even though it's not exactly the same. It's just for basic socks.
I hope it works out, it would be so sad to frog! But I'm sure you can do it!
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