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Good questions!

Yes, we name our blankets, just like we do with the Oddball Baby Blankets. Makes it easier to keep up with discussions about each blanket. Otherwise, we'd be saying, "I finished my section of that blue and red and orange blanket....who's next?"

If you'd like, you can start a "Patriotic Pets" snuggle with your red, white and blue. Send it to me when you finish the first section, and I'll add a section to it.

You are correct about the way they are made:

Size 10 or 11 knitting needles. Cast on 72 stitches.
Two strands of yarn held together throughout.
Each section is 5 inches long.

We use either acrylic or cotton....but the fiber should be consistent from beginning to end. Each snuggle should be entirely cotton....or entirely acrylic.

Here's our blog, which hasn't been updated in over a year.

I'll update it when we get some snuggles started. I don't know the status of the earlier snuggles. Maybe Mulderknitter can tell us where they are. But, I prefer to focus on starting up new ones.
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