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Originally Posted by CivicSista View Post
With it being so hot what about Sunshine- or shining sun?
I love the idea!! But the hospital has asked that we not have all yellow blankets or even yellow at the top or bottom of a blanket. It can make sick kids look jaundice when they aren't.
Originally Posted by Shandeh View Post
I'll be happy to knit a section on a blanket if you start one. Y'all choose the theme, and I'll go along.
Originally Posted by Shandeh View Post
Holly, would you mind if I direct SE Oddballers on Ravelry to come here to the KH Forum if they want to join?

It looks like our discussion here is the only activity for the SE Region.

It's nice to have everyone coming home to the birthplace of our Oddball projects.
That would be fabulous! I try to check in there but everything really does happen here.

I was thinking of starting a blanket called Day at the Beach. What does everyone think?

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