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Sarcasm instead of a laugh.
No body seems to be laughing lately. Maybe you'd like to explode and give an opinion about anything. I'm doing it just because I feel like it.

The most fun I had this week. My favorite indoor sport is giving my opinion. C'mon, you all like to do the same, don't you? Opinions welcome.

People have made some really nasty on line comments about Gabby Giffords as if they know more than anyone else. They have, apparently, never had to overcome a devastating injury. So I honed my sarcastic blade and replied.

I fully realize that her appearance at the debt vote was just more of the disgraceful posturing and pandering we've been subjected to from ALL members and sides of Congress. Rhetoric is easy—solutions are difficult.

"Gabby Giffords is the only congressperson who really worked hard this past several months. I realize she may have only half a brain left. Too bad she's set the bar so high for her colleagues. Hope they can catch up."

Think I'll be on somebody's list for that? That's OK. I'd love to be invited to anything, long as I don't have to shut my mouth and I can still knit.
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