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Waistcoat shaping?
Ok, I'm back after a long long time. And glad to see that questions are still answered as good as possible.

So, I've come across a nice waistcoat I'd like to knit. The pattern is in french, which is not too much of a problem. But somehow I don't get the instructions.

It says to knit the front the same as the back, but starting 2 inches from the top or so, and for the V-neck shaping, to decrease 11 times alternating rows 2+6 or so...

It's confusing.

PLUS: The gauge swatch. There are two charts. I have not counted the stitches but it seems they have different stitch count.
The pattern says to use those charts and knit for 41 rows on 31 stitches or so, but if adding up the rows of the two charts, I don't come up with that number of rows somehow (tried counting with and without WS rows)...
And it doesn't even say what size the gauge swatch is to be!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you can't make anything of this, I'll gladly look up the pattern and post more detail.
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