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I wish I could but I have to work! Besides, Beloit is a bit of a hike for me. I'm farther north, near Green Bay. Here's a list of shops I found. Don't let the Illinois address scare you. Beloit is right on the border. You cross a bridge and you're in South Beloit, Illinois.

As for your friend, ya gotta understand Wisconsinites. We're pretty conservative as a whole, and some get pretty set in their ways. We don't go for the New York fashions. It's pretty much jeans and tee shirts, maybe pants and a nice blouse. It's laid back. Once you get her in that yarn shop seeing all the pretty colors and touching the wool, she'll be hooked. Did I say that, as in crochet? What a pun!

It's like a whole different culture here than you may be used to. I was at work today. I knew the Packer pre-season game was coming up, but was unsure of the date. I got the hint that it was this Saturday when everybody started showing up at my work wearing Packer NFL clothes. Who needs a TV Guide? Only in Wisconsin!
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