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Help - how to 'pick up for yoke'
Help - I have a pattern I am having real trouble with.
The sweater is worked in one piece beginning with a long garter tab with a slipped edge. Stiches are then picked up along the slipped edge to form the foundation yoke.
So far I have:
cast on 5 sts. Knit 1 row.
Row 2 k4, p1
Row 3 sl1pwyib, k4
Reapeat these 2 rows 30 times.

have done this - but this is where I am stuck:
Pick up for yoke:
k4, sl1p, rotate work 90 degrees to the right and pick up 1 st in each slipped stitch along the top 30 times. Remove waste yarn and place your 5 live cast on sts onto left needle, sl1p,k4 (40sts).

I kind of get it but don't understand how I get 40 sts? I pick up 30 and have 5 already??
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