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Originally Posted by CivicSista View Post
Can you please add me to a blanket?
Certainly, my friend!
Thanks for joining in again to help us make pet snuggles.

I will cast on a new snuggle this week, and you will be the 3rd knitter. Now, we just need one or two more knitters for that one. And I still need to come up with a name, because I haven't even looked at my stash yet.

I was busy this week, knitting a French Scarf to wear when I go to visit my sister in California at the end of this month. She paid for plane tickets for me and my oldest son to go there for a week. I'm so excited!

I've heard that the nights get chilly in California, so now I'll have something to wrap around my shoulders.

Wearing the French Scarf by Shandeh, on Flickr
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