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Originally Posted by glowyone View Post
I have a pair of needles left over from when the Rav. Pet Oddballs stopped. Want me to start a blankie, or send them on? Let me know what you want me to do.
Nice! Go ahead and start another snuggle for us. You can give it a name too. Let us know when you are ready for other knitters to sign up for it.

Originally Posted by sakura-panda View Post
If you start a blanket and put me down as the second knitter, you can send me a set (or two) along with it and I can start one (or two).
I DID just start another one! I came across some purple yarn in my stash, and decided to blend it with one of the variegated leftovers I found this week. The first section went very quickly, while I was watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix. Love that show! Anyway, I've named this bright, colorful snuggle "Flower Path".

Flower Path after Shandeh by Shandeh, on Flickr

I will make you the 2nd knitter on that snuggle. Now, we need THREE MORE KNITTERS for the Flower Path snuggle. Just plan on using bright, happy colors for this one. Imagine a pretty flower garden.

Originally Posted by CivicSista View Post
Put me down for whatever you need- I need to destash!
Awesome! I'll make you the last knitter for the Flower Path snuggle. That way, you can knit TWO sections, because you'll be ending that one, and starting up another one.

Now, we just need TWO MORE KNITTERS for the "Flower Path" snuggle.
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