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Thank you for responding, salmonmac. It's kind of sad that you are the *only one* who has, though.

The full truth of the matter is that this is the *second* LYS that has messed up with classes. I tried this second shop (45 min. from my house at the relevant time of day) as a desperation move after being scr*wed over by the LYS that's only 15 minutes from my house.

At the one which is only 15 minutes from my house, I've signed up in person for three classes on three different occasions in May and July.

For two of the classes, the instructor--same one both times, as I find her (at least) well-organized--had NO IDEA I was in the class, b/c somehow, even though I witnessed the store clerk writing my name and phone number down on the class sheet, my name was not on the class sheet the instructor was given. Because of these two incidents, she has now begun making extra copies of her incredibly detailed handouts, rather than one per enrolled student, because she cannot depend on the LYS (nor can I) to get it right. (For the record, she does not teach anywhere else. I asked.)


I find the lack of response to this thread by everyone but you, salmonmac, very discouraging. I interpret the lack of response as agreement that this is indeed the normal state of affairs in Knitting Land. As a new knitter and a tactile learner (videos are nice, but they'll never replace in-person instruction for me and other tactile learners), there are only so many times I can ram my head against the brick wall of being dropped from a class before it starts, being ignored during class, and being misled by a shop on critical factors (time, fees, etc.) before saying the h*ll with it.

I can make socks, conservative items of clothing (not the weird, godawful stuff) and all using crochet, believe it or don't. Yes, true, there are hundreds, thousands, more patterns for knitting. But a friend showed me *in person* how to crochet back in college, for free, and I'm very good at it! And now I'm being (I feel) basically stiffed by this socks "instructor," and all the rest of the LYS/knitting class mess.

And, on top of that, the general "ho-hum" response tells me that these circumstances are the accepted, normal, kwitcherbitchin' state of affairs in Knitting Land.


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