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FO: More dish cloth fun
I made all of these Monday/Tuesday. These are a lot of fun, very easy, and no patterns to follow. Yarns and details on Ravelry if anyone is interested.

Does anyone else used the scented yarns? I did for the first time yesterday. The Vanilla Bouquet almost knocked me out. I had a headache so bad by the time I made the one small dish cloth in the sealed baggie. The peach colored cloth is also scented, but it was a lot more pleasant to work with. It wasn't as strong. Very soft, nice smell to it.

Also, the second picture are my crochet scrubbers. I basically used instructions to combine the netting with yarn from ArtLady and applied it here, but with crochet instead of knitting. I broke a hook too! But then I had a reason to buy decent aluminum hooks instead of the cheap plastic one I had. This is in my Ravelry projects as well.


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