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I read your post as well, but have no experience to relate. I've never taken any type of crafting class. I wanted to agree with you, that it was unacceptable behavior by this instructor/lys.

Some people learn better in person than online. I get that. I typically prefer in person type instruction but it wasn't an option for me last year when I was learning. I used KH's videos and mostly youtube. It's amazing how great some of these instructors are online. There's some that are so detailed, in steps, and even in slow motion to help you through it. Plus it was all free! I didn't have to pay an instructor that maybe I didn't "click" with. I could hit the stop button and find a new one.

Can we get an I agree/disagree button? I liked Debbie's idea for that.

I would drive a longer distance for a better store/personnel if I had to. You should talk to the owner/mgr and see what they have to say. I have one lys that I despise so I won't even spend my money there. I'll spend my money at a big monster chain like Jo-ann's or go online.

I hope you get the instruction you need, in some form. Sorry you felt let down by responses as well. I think you already know this is a great community, it just gets slow sometimes. School is just starting most place, and people are busy. Sometimes I only have time to skim posts, and no time to reply.
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