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Originally Posted by DogCatMom View Post
Nice work!

re. Scented Yarns: in a world with so many people sensitive to fragrances and the like, I was absolutely STUNNED a few months ago to walk by the cotton yarns and smell...something. I thought maybe a woman wearing perfume had just walked by, leaving a cloud of scent behind her, and that it would dissipate momentarily. (I get respiratory seizures--can't breathe in *or* out--when exposed to artificial scent; it's the chemicals used to make them.)

But no such dissipation/evaporation took place. I went carefully down the aisle of yarns and discovered that it was actually the yarn giving off the scent.

If you're keeping these for yourself, enjoy them! But if you plan to give any as gifts, sleuth out whether the intended recipient(s) are sensitive to fragrances, esp. artificial ones.

Great advice! I did realize the scented yarns may not be appropriate for some people but it didn't seem so bad in the store. I, myself, have a sensitivity to perfumes and such. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I sent all of the cloths in the pictures to my mom in Louisiana. I put the scented ones in separate sealed baggies, doubled. I think she will be ok with them, but I did provide a warning. Really the VB is the one that just kills me. I know the scents do fade, so I may just tolerate it the remainder of the yarn to knit a few of my own cloths and wash them several times to see if I can lighten it.
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