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I'm sure you know how to knit through the back loop. Purling through the back loop is similar. On a ktbl, you will insert your needle through the back of the stitch from right to left. On the ptbl, you will insert the right needle through the back loop from left to right. The easiest way to do this is to position your right needle with the point almost straight up when you insert it into the stitch. Hold your left needle with the tip up at a 45 degree angle. It takes a bit of gymnastics, but it can be done. Your yarn will be in back of your work while you're doing this Ptbl.

Eastern European knitters like me do our purl stitches this way all the time. We become conditioned to it and it becomes second nature. However, this is an unnatural position for Continental and English style knitters. Take frequent breaks from your work to relieve the stress on your wrists. If your wrists get sore, my favorite remedy is Aspercreme topical pain relieving ointment. You may have no problem with wrist pain, but you should be aware that it can happen.

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