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Grafting the Toe
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(k1tbl, k1) in next st, then insert tip of left-needle behind the vertical strand that runs down between the 2 sts just made and k this tbl to make 3rd st of group.
salmonmac's idea is certainly the easier thing to do. I don't remember ever coming across this direction before so had to try it out. It took a while for me to decide what the vertical strand was (and I looked everywhere for it ) but I think I found it. Keeping the right side facing you, after you ktbl and k the stitch and still keeping the original st on the LHN, pull down slightly on the work under the RHN and you will see a strand running slightly off to the right and down to the st below \wise. There seem to be more than one really, but you want to insert the left needle left to right behind the topmost strand. Now you have a new "loop" on that LHN, and you want to knit that little loop as though it were a regular st loop, behind the LHN (or tbl). Now let the original stitch loop come off the LHN. After you finish this rather awkward maneuver you may need to pull around on it a little so that all the new loops settle into the places they need to be, I found I needed to. There are 3.

It is quite a bit harder and looks only a little different than what salmonmac suggested. Try the two out on a swatch and see if you think it matters that much.
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