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I've never taken a knitting class, specifically, however I have taken other crafting classes, like sewing and cake decorating. What you've experienced isn't uncommon. These aren't the regulated educational courses you find in the school systems. So sometimes no matter how talented the teacher is, she just doesn't know how to teach. I tried 3 different local shops and my mother before I learned to knit from my daughter's 3rd grade teacher.

Don't give up on trying to find a good LYS, they're really the best way to go usually. There's one literally around the corner from my house, but I drive all the way across town to go to the one I like.

Try finding someone in a knitting group who has some time and is willing to help you outside of the meeting time, these can be the start of great friendships.

If all else fails grab a ball of yarn, your needles, and sit down to the fabulous videos and forum help available here. Mimicking the actions of a video or working stitches out as you read sometimes helps a tactile learner 'get it' when personal help isn't readily available.
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