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Originally Posted by MisSamso View Post
Hello everyone ^^

Hope you're fine

I'm a new knitter and I decided to start my projects since I can read and understand patterns, but I'm facing a problem in choosing the right yarn type and brand especially that I'm going to order them online and I have no idea of the different types like ( Worsted Weight, bulky and chunky) which is good for what , so I need your help and experience.

I'm thinking to have Red Heart or Knit Picks , what do you think of these two brands ?

Note : my projects will be scarfs, bags and amigurames till now ^^
Hi there!

Of the two yarns you've mentioned, I've only used Red Heart. My personal preference is not to use it anymore. As with all things, YMMV. An inexpensive worsted yarn is Caron's Super Soft.

That said, what yarn sizes are recommended for your pattern? I use that as a rough guesstimate when buying yarn, and also when buying patterns. There are some yarn sizes I just don't care to work with.

You may want to check out this page for more info:

If your pattern calls for worsted weight, fingering yarn or super bulky are probably not the best substitutes, and vice versa.

Happy yarn hunting!


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