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'Ember' by Kim Hargreaves
Hi, I am knitting my first ever cardigan and am stuck. The pattern is 'Ember' in the 'Cherished' pattern book by Kim Hargreaves. I have reached the 'shaping back neck & shoulders' part in the pattern and am confused as haven't shaped a neck or used stitch holders before I have just bought some). I apologise for all the following questions, I'm sure they are obvious to many people but I don't understand at all!

Pattern says, 'Cast off 5 sts, patt until there are 6 sts on right needle & turn, leaving rem sts on holder'.
Q) Which ones are the remaining sts? Are they the ones where the pattern is continued between the 5 casted off & the 6 sts left on right needle?
When it says turn does that mean literally to swap the needles around?

The next part says, 'Work each side of the neck separately. Work one row.
Q) Which stitches am I working in the one row?

Next bit says- Cast off remaining stitches.
Q) Which ones are these?

With RS facing, rejoin yarn to remaining sts, cast off centre 13 sts, patt. to end. Complete to match first side, reversing shapings.

??? Not sure about this, infact I probably need a really simplified step by step translation of all of the pattern I have mentioned. Can anyone help? I am going to try and find a knitting group, but until then any help would be most appreciated. thanks.
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