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Thanks so much for your great and quick reply. Going to try and tackle it this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to understand patterns one day! I hope you don't mind me asking another question? While I was stuck on the back section (which you helped me with), I began on the left front as to save time. I am stuck on the 'shaping armhole' section where patt. says-'Keeping pattern correct as set by back (by working sts between markers in st st for last few rows at shoulders edge), cont. as follows: Work 16 rows, ending with a WS row'.
On the back section I did not need to do any sts between markers in stocking stitch as i am making small size. I do not understand the highlighted part, what does it mean by a few rows?Do I just do 16 rows in the continued pattern and not do stocking stitch?

Thanks for your help, I hope what I've written makes sense.

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