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Looks like you selected the orange "Reply to This Thread." Yes, that's the way to do it; the other "Reply" doesn't seem to work. At least, it hasn't ever worked for me.

The mention of "Row 3" in the instructions you mention is only one of the reasons I described this pattern as "poorly organized and not well written." One of my functions in life is technical editing, and this pattern offends both my editing and yarnwork sensibilities. It's--yes--that bad.

If there's a website url printed on the pattern, check to see whether any Errata (errors/corrections) have been posted, or simply email the address. It's also possible (although I've been wrong on this several times with regard to crochet patterns) that Ravelry has a record of it, with photos and information by other yarnworkers, and that one or more others have found errors, too. Go to to join up (free, and I've absolutely NOT EVER received email, much less spam, from joining) and investigate.

Let me know how it goes!

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