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Confusing pattern instructions
So I'm trying to knit this vest (size XS/S):

I'm struggling with this section (page 3):
Keeping cont of pat, inc 1 st at side edge, as before, on every following 12th row from previous inc twice more, AT SAME TIME, dec 1 st for front edge (before Cable Pat) on 2nd and every following alt row once more, then every following 4th row 7 times. 37 sts.

At this point I have (RS, left to right) 6 purls, a cable pattern with 19 sts, and 19 purls for 44 sts. I need to end up with 37 sts.
I got help with that already: I need to increase on the side and decrease on the front. The trouble is I need to decrease 9 times on the front, and I only have 6 purls there, so I can only decrease 5 times before destroying the cable, right?
Sorry for all this text. Can anybody help me?
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