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Hi everyone!
I bet you were all wondering where I've been.

As soon as I got home from California, I got sick with a killer cold. I spent several days in bed, and am just now beginning to get better. I went to the doctor yesterday, and she said I have a bad sinus infection. I'm now on antibiotics, using an inhaler and nasal spray, and running a vaporizer.

My voice sounds bizarre!
If I were an actress, I could easily get the part of a Star Trek alien right now.

Originally Posted by CivicSista View Post
I received mountain hike in the mail the other day.............I see that it has browns in it- think just a green section would be ok? Trees are green
I think green will be perfect!

Originally Posted by susauehl View Post
Welcome back! Hope you had a good time. I am not sure how to find the spreadsheet for the blankets if it is posted. Could you let me know. Thanks!
I just keep the spreadsheet on my computer. There's only 10 of us, so it works fine for now.

Originally Posted by CivicSista View Post
I have another question.... Can I use 1 strand of wool-ease chunky or should I double it up? Sorry for so many questions....TG
We use two strands of worsted weight for all our blankets. Chunky is not quite thick enough, I don't think....but I could be wrong. I guess the only way to know would be to knit a gauge swatch with the chunky, and another swatch with two strands worsted, and see how they measure up to each other.
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