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Originally Posted by Knitnewbe2011 View Post
I'm very new to knitting and have only completed one project so far (Gratification scarf). I'm currently working on another beginner scarf (just knit & purl stitches). I love your shawl and will look for this pattern - thanks for the inspiration!! Marilyn
Marilyn, don't just look. Get the pattern and try it. Everything in knitting uses knits and purls. Just because it looks fancy doesn't mean you can't do it.

If it boggles your mind you have all sorts of experts on KH to help you. Beyond that, if you decide something is a little past your skills what have you lost? A little time and a need to find another use for your yarn. I think you'll find you can do lots more when you jump right in and test the waters. Good luck.
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