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FO: "Clasica" Jacket
Remember that Clasica hooded coat from the 2009 Interweave Knits?
I knit two of them, one for me, one for DD. Anyway, my Clasica is way too big now...and I'm not inclined to frog it and re-knit it. I use it for a camp coat...who cares how sloppy it is, right?

Anyway, here is another Clasica, but shorter this time, no hood, and sleeves are narrower (on purpose, I cast on fewer stitches)! I used what I think a better yarn for this style of coat. The yarn was actually cheaper, too. Not as "heavy" in weight...less likely to stretch southward which makes the sleeves become ape-like.

And here are my Ravely notes, if you care to read about my modifications, trials and tribulations!

PHOTO ABOVE: I worked an "applied i-cord" edge to the Fronts and along the collar the pattern said to crochet an edging, ack) which allows a very unique buttonhole application.

As you work up the Right Front, if you skip picking up about 8 stitches along the edge of the coat, but instead knit up about 8 rows of regular i-cord, the come back to the coatwise applied i-cord technique, you create an i-cord buttonhole loop. These buttonhole loops (or slits if you will) can be made to accommodate any size this case, a GIGANTIC button.

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