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WIP: Tuxedo vest (or sweater). Worth finishing?
This thing is also a result of the mandatory destashing by knitting Originally I bought this super bulky yarn to crochet some toys but it is getting too 'fuzzy' from any kind of rubbing so it's pretty much useless for anything that is going to be worn or played with often.

Since I had a bit of black and white yarn left, it somehow became a tuxedo Other patterns made me dizzy because it's really contrasting. Anyway, here is my problem -- I don't have enough yarn to finish :( The vest's back now is 50/50 black and white and it sort of kills the tuxedo joke

So have to go and buy more black yarn (the whole bag!) that I was going to get rid of.

So, would you finish (a vest or a sweater)? Or redo it (ideas are welcome) or just forget it and have a life ?

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