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Need help with neck shaping
I'm working on a sweater using the Ryuu-Ko pattern from Petite Purls(I cannot post a link because this is my first post) and am having trouble with the neck shaping. This is my first sweater ever.

Here is where I get lost:
"Row 1 (raglan decrease row): Work a decrease rnd until you come to the center front sts on the waste yarn. Remove these sts from the needle. With a scrap of MC, knit across to last 2 sts, ssk. Slip sts from right front neck back to left needle.
You will now work back and forth on the needle beginning at the left front neck with the main body yarn."

Okay, I get the raglan decrease, of course, but once it says "remove these sts from the needle, knit across, slip sts from right front neck back to the left needle..." I don't know what that means? Someone had told me before that it meant to knit it flat, which I guess makes sense, but what about the rest of the work?

I need a really detailed explanation if anyone can help. Thanks so much for those of you who do respond. I've been stuck for several days, haha.
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