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Yes, this part of the sweater is going to be knit flat so you'll be turning it to knit back and forth from L front around to the R front and then back again. The center sts stay on the waste yarn until you knit them for the neck shaping further down in the pattern.
For some reason you put the waste yarn through the center neck sts and leave them on the needle until you knit around to those sts again. Then slip them off the needle. Now you have a gap between the working yarn and the R front sts.
Your workng yarn is on the end of the R needle so you'll use a small piece of scrap yarn of the main color to knit the R neck sts onto the R needle.
Now slip the sts knit with scrap yarn back to the L needle.
Your working yarn end is at the end of the R needle and here's where you turn the work and begin working flat along the sts of the L front, sleeve, back, sleeve and R front. Turn and continue on these sts for the rest of the directions until the back neck shaping directions.
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