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WIP - Baby Blanket
Knitting my first baby blanket...literally just found out 3 days ago that you knit it on a diagonal hahaahhaha Clearly never made one before!!! Had only been knitting scarves...

So I'm knitting this for Project Linus, that was about 2 nights worth of progress. What are some tips for the corners? In the practice swatch I made I didn't like the cast on corner or the finished bind off corner either. Any tips for making them look neater? Actually any tips at all for weaving in ends too I'm kind of bad at that still...I don't want it to unravel at all, especially since I'm donating it. I'd feel really bad if it started coming apart

I'm using everything it calls for in the Lion's Brand pattern. Will probably make a blue one and then a pink one too and then take them to the drop off place...I don't want to show up with just ONE hahaha.
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