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bootie help
Hello, making little t-strap booties (Baby Sandals) from a book called The Knitter's Year. After you shape the instep you do a little piece in the middle of the front for the front strap. (This folds over and your other strap goes through it - if that makes sense). It is just 4 stitches wide and you bind off at the end of 2 1/4 inches. After that it says

With right side facing, rejoin yarn at base of strap, pick up and k 12 sts along side edge of strap. Turn and bind off knitwise all sts at this side of strap.

With right side facing, rjoin yarn to top of other side of strap, pick up and k12 sts along side edge of strap, then k rem 20 sts. Bind off knitwise.

so I am knitting along the actual strap side?
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