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Originally Posted by Lin View Post
Yes, now the corrected pattern makes sense...but in the original pattern instructions, it was not clear....and I think it stumped some of the other members of this website, too!! I hope that your granddaughter likes the sweater!! It is a cute one!! Let me know how you make out with it....I'm not that experienced a knitter, but I'm getting there! I guess I'm intermediate...LOL...If you are going to make it, let me know and maybe we can help each other out if there is any confusion...That offer extends to anybody else out there who decides to use the pattern! I think that you can send me a private message and then I'll share my email with you!! Thanks everyone!!
I printed out the pattern, and realized that it really has to be knitted with the 2 yarns that it calls for. I won't knit that pattern, but I will use some of the ideas, especially the front borders. Thanks again for the link. Good luck with your knitting!
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