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Warm Up America-Where to donate???
I have crocheted and knitted many WUA rectangles (wonderful stash-busters), saving them until I had enough to make a sizeable donation. I have scoured the internet looking for sites which would direct me to where I may drop off my pieces (I don't want to assemble them myself). I had always heard that Michaels would accept donations, but every Michaels store I've contacted, (both in New Jersey, where I lived for years, and now in the Tampa, Florida area) didn't know what the heck I was even talking about. I got the following address from the WUA website:

Warm Up America! Foundation
469 Hospital Dr., Suite E, Gastonia, NC 28054

I wouldn't mind packing them all up and mailing them, but I want to be sure this is the correct address to which my project pieces should be sent (and not just WUA Administration HQ, or the like), in other words, the address from which they would actually be distributed.

Any other ideas or suggestions, especially around the Tampa area, would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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