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DPN instructions - confused!
Hi - I'm trying to use dpn's for the first time and am a bit frustrated. I'm attemping to start a hat (Ruched Beret from knitsimple mag.) and really don't understand the instructions. It says that 5 needles are required for the pattern.

With one dpn, cast on 16 sts for top, leaving long tail. (I can do this!)

Set-up row: With dpn #1, *K2, place marker, k2; rep from * for dpn's #2, 3, 4. Join, being careful no to twist sts, pm for beg of rnd.

Rnd 1: [P1, yo, p1] 8 times - 24 sts.

So do I cast on the 16, then move 4 sts each to #2, 3, 4, THEN do the set-up row? Or am I knitting the set-up row from the cast-on sts? Secondly, how do I join before beginning Rnd 1?

Thanks for helping!!
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